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Aikido Club "TOKU". Odessa Regional Federation Of Aikido Aikikai

Welcome to the site of the official representative of

«Association of Aikido Aikikai of Ukraine» in Odessa region

«Odessa Regional Federation Of Aikido Aikikai»

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 ТOKU -  

 Добродетель, способность завоевать
любовь и уважение


In our dojo training conducted by experienced instructors, officially received certificates conferring master's degree Aikido. We offer you: Aikido training for children, training in Aikido for adults, as well as possible additional individual training.
Within of our organization regularly hosts a variety of activities: Aikido Seminars in Odessa. Visits of the club to participate in workshops in other cities of Ukraine. Demonstrations. Training in nature.


A little history ...

Aikido in Odessa began making the first steps in 1992 in Medina. There was also a branch of Aikido Instructors Course (September 1992-February 1993). Course instructors have brought up, which later began to study and develop a number of different areas of Aikido in Odessa region. Aikido developed under the leadership of AAUG team of trainers that included V.Korenetsky, S.Tolchinsky, E.Zhigaylov, V.Yurchenko, D.Halin. In 1998 Tolchinsky, Korenetsky, Shabalin won the right to state registration under the title "Culture Association Aikikai of Odessa." In the future, in view of the fact that the leadership Akao - Tolchinsky S. and B. Korenetsky have been certified and, accordingly, focus on different senseis (Tolchinsky on M.Fudzita, 8th dan Aikikai, Tokyo; Korenetsky on Ya.Kitaura, 8th dan Aikikai, Spain ) in 2006, it was decided to allocate one of the clubs Akao a separate formal structure that continues to present Sensei Fujita and AAUG in the Odessa region. The new organization includes representatives cofounder of unarmed combat system A.A.Kadochnikova. Currently the organization is called "Odessa Regional Centre for the Study of Human Systems of Survival." 

13.06.2013 Odessa, the Justice Department was officially registered "Odessa Regional Federation of Aikido." The President OOFAA - Sergei Tolchinsky (4th Dan), head of the club, "CURRENT". Just a number of Founders included:  Mikhaylenko Oleg (3 dan), the head of the club "TENSINKAN." Just a number of Founders included the heads of the two clubs g.Ilichevsk - Ryzhov Eugene (2st dan), Khokhulya Denis (1st dan).